Current Projects

The Maze

The Maze is a small application I'm developing in my spare time, mostly for the purposes of learning my way around DirectX and D3D. My goal is to incrementally add features to the project, putting the results up here as I go.

MazeLib: As a first step, I've written a small library that creates a maze using a very basic depth-first technique. I will use the data generated by MazeLib to generate geometry in my 3D scene. This archive includes MazeLib and a very simple demonstration application.

Maze Viewer, 11/22/09 (VS 2010 version): I've created a maze viewer application which uses MazeLib to create a maze, and then generates a mesh from it so that it can be viewed in 3D. A first-person camera can be panned and moved around the scene. No collision detection is done yet, so the camera can move through walls. Walls are currently drawn without lighting, using vertex coloring only. DirectX 9 and Visual Studio 2010 are required to build this application. (A Visual Studio 2008 build is also available.)

Work on the maze project is paused for the time being, as professional responsibilities have required my full attention.